A-Talent is the IT Technology Services Division of Samenslim cvba, a promising dynamically driven SME with various branches such as crowdfunding, social media aggregation and IT-Services.


A-Talent delivers consultancy and outsourcing services to IT-integrators and providers, and to multinational companies in various market sectors such as manufacturing, the public sector, healthcare, finance, telco, and web & media technologies.

We strive to employ top candidates who are not only ‘A-talented’ IT-skilled, but also excel in interpersonal skills and language knowledge. As such, we value trilingual people, and our screening procedures focus on respect, dedication, motivation and just good old common sense.

If you’re in need for a temporary resource we can offer short (1-3 months), mid- (3-6 months) or long-term (6 months+) contracts with -should the business require it- flexible contract endings depending on the contract type:

  • 1 week advance notice for short-term contracts

  • 2 weeks advance notice for mid-term contracts

  • 1 month advance notice for long-term contracts

So don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re looking for a reliable IT-resource who can quickly integrate in your own or your customers’ organization. We aim to respond quickly to your demands and always try to provide you with the most relevant curricula vitae.

We can also offer headhunting services on demand for specific profiles. The candidate can then be put on your own (or your customer’s) payroll. The renumeration for this type of service is a no-cure, no-pay success fee of a two-month invoice of the candidate’s base salary.